What types of industrial welding machines are there?

1. The welding machines mainly used by industrial and mining enterprises are: AC arc welding machine, DC electric welding machine, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, butt welding machine, spot welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, high frequency welding machine, flash pair welding machine Welding machine, pressure welding machine, butt welding machine, laser welding machine.welding machine manufacturer

(1) The difference between the application fields of AC welding machines and DC welding machines is that AC welding machines are generally used in steel structure manufacturing units or general general machinery or agricultural machinery manufacturing units. Direct current is mainly used for welding machines in the manufacture of pressure vessel boilers, pipes or important structural manufacturing units.

(2) The main application fields of the inverter welding machine are the same, but the welding machine is more energy-saving and lighter.

(3) The main application fields of submerged arc welding machines are large steel structure manufacturing units and pressure vessel boiler manufacturing units.

⑷ The main application fields of gas shielded welding machines are large-scale steel structure manufacturing units or general machinery, agricultural machinery, and units that manufacture pressure vessel boilers also widely use gas shielded welding machines.


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